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Our Story

We are two cousins that come from 3 generations of carpenters. Our grandfather was a lifelong carpenter, that built his home with almost no assistance from anyone. We have great admiration for him and his dedication to his craft, and that is still an inspiration to us today. We are setting out to continue the tradition of hand crafted woodwork and cabinetry. In a time where pre-fabricated, and composite is becoming the norm, we want to offer people the quality and durability of hardwood cabinets, while still maintaining a fair, competitive price. 

Owner & Partner
Jason Greer

Jason is the owner of Woodcraft Carpentry and has over 20 years of experience with cabinetry. He's done it all from customary cabinetry to high end. He's even made cabinets for one of our famous Astros. Jason's goal is to make sure every customer is proud of their cabinets.

Joe Halberdier

Joe is a cabinetmaker that enjoys working on challenging projects that show craftsmanship. When he's not at the shop he can often be found making furniture. Joe's hope is that woodworking will always lead to challenging and rewarding experiences.

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